Welcome to PyCav’s documentation!

PyCav offers a rich set of tools so that you can make and visualize effective Physical simulations quickly. Its main components are:

  • A mechanics module which can currently do the following:
    • Collision detection between spherical particles
    • Connect particles with a spring
    • Simulate forces from a field
  • A quantum module for time independent 1D quantum systems
  • A PDE module for 1D and 2D systems
  • An optics module for performing refraction in the geometic optics limit
  • A display module for displaying matplotlib animations within Jupyter notebooks
  • Optional visualization using vpython

This documentation will walk through how to setup PyCav, as well as how to use it.

The table of contents is in the left sidebar, and developement can be followed at PyCav module repository.

The changelog is also at the PyCav module repository.